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Gordon Neufeld

Gordon is the inventor of Careerology™. Gordon has been coaching and facilitating career development and career management sessions since 2002. In 2002 he developed The Best-Half Process, a breakthrough strategy for people who want to maximize their passion and energy to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives. The Best-Half is now used by individuals, groups and organizations across Canada.

Gordon is a visionary leader, communicator, and inventor with a diverse background including a Bachelors degree in Economics and Theatre, 20 years in arts management and 12 years as founder and president of a national award-winning communications consulting firm. He now coaches senior executives using the Best-Half™ coaching model, and works with companies, organizations and individuals to help them think differently.

He lives in Hamilton, Ontario with his wife Marilyn. They have three children—Kate, Charlie and Lola, their English Springer Spaniel.


Marilyn Neufeld

Marilyn has a Masters Degree in Health Science from McMaster University with a focus on behavioural change both in individuals and organizations. She is certified Coactive Coach through the Coaches Training Institute, is certified in the genuine contact program using open space technology, whole process facilitation and cross cultural conflict resolution. Marilyn has extensive training and experience in the use of Enneagram Personality Typing from the Enneagram Institute.

Marilyn has had a full corporate leadership coaching practice for over 10 years in the financial services and healthcare sector providing individual and group leadership coaching for senior executives and managers. She is the co-developer of The Best-Half™ Process and the creator of the Authentic Leadership Model©.